On a daily base, Arvid Schmidt and his team put together an exciting and versatile menu with seasonal vegetables, fish and game, available from the Netherlands. The emphasis of the various dishes is on the vegetables and the preparations over an open fire. A selection of these dishes is offered in the form of a four- or five-course menu, in addition it is possible to order these – in slightly larger portion – á la carte.

Obviously, we are happy to deal with indicated allergies and dietary requirements (vegetarian, completely plant-based, gluten-free & lactose-free, etc.), we dó request kindly to indicate this in advance, so that our team can respond to this adequately.

Hiske Versprille, Parool (9) “The beetroot with beurre blanc sauce is monumental: so apparently simple and so tasty that it almost seems unfair that you have never eaten it like this before.”

Joël Broekaert, NRC (8.5) “Insanely delicious cassoulet in Amsterdam”